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Processing service provided with automatic and semi-automatic machines according to EN-10800, SFS-1267 and EN-17660 standards. Production is certificated to Norway, Sweden, Finland, LST and LVS

What we offer:

Piles cage production machine

Prefabricated Welded Cages in automatic and manual regime ( MEP-1500 GAM )

The company works with equipment that is intended for the preparation of reinforcement steel cages for reinforced concrete structures.

Our equipment enables to offer our clients the fast and quality production of cylindrical reinforcement steel frames with cylindrical and various other forms and degrees of complexity. 
Our equipment enables us to process reinforcement steel up to 32 mm in diameter and to produce frames with length up to 25000 mm.

Syntax-Line-25 cutting bending rebars

Cutting and Bending with MEP SYNTAX-LINE25 and MEP-mini-12

We specialises in the manufacture of processed rebars from straight bars and ribbed coils.

Reinforcement steel bars are bent both automatically, as well as manually. Our professional automatic profile bending equipment can rework grooved, smooth, hot and cold rolled reinforcement steel bars with diameters ranging from 8 mm-32 mm.

Our introduced triple quality control system eliminates errors in production and internal logistics between production areas 

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