Quality Policy 

    DARRET HOUSE goal is to meet our customers' requirements, needs and expectations in each individual building project according to the conditions we have. Our customers should be able to trust that the delivery takes place at the right time and with the right quality. Our work should lead to continuous improvement of the quality management system. We have passed the ISO9001 quality control management system in steel structures and reinforcement production


Environmental policy 

    DARRET HOUSE is aware of the global environmental challenges and the impact of our operations on the environment. We comply with applicable laws and other environmental requirements. Work on environmental issues is continuous and preventative by constantly improving our working methods and tools. All of our employees must work in such a way that they contribute to a long-term sustainable society


Work Environment Policy

    In our business, the working environment must be such that those who work with us do not run the risk of being ill or injured because of the work. Employees should feel that they can develop both professionally and as individuals and feel that they enjoy being one of our employees. Current legislation in the work environment area is a bottom line for our work environment work and we strive to constantly improve our work environment both organically and socially and physically. The work environment work must permeate all decisions made and all activities that are carried out.

All of our employees must work in such a way that they contribute to safe and healthy workplaces.