Norway, Ski. Manufacturing of prefabricated

spiraled pile cages

Honefoss, Norway. Welded pile cages 

HAMRA project, Sweden. HSQ beams manufacturing

Söderläget project, Hudiksvall, Sweden.

Manufacturing and assembly of steel.

Honefoss project. Norway. Manufacturing and Hot Deep Galvanizing.

Sydskogen project, Norway. Manufacturing and assembly.

Oslo havn, Ormsund, Norway. Manufacturig and assembly

Norra Tornen project, Stockholm, Sweden.

Maalahti, Finland.

Wind turbine foundation grout mould design and manufacturing.

Welded cage production, local project.

HAMRA project, Sweden. HSQ beams, 15m long

Latvia, Riga district, Dreilini, Vasaras street 9-1


Reg. Nr. 40003705646

VAT Nr. LV40003705646


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