"DARRET HOUSE" provides services for the manufacture and installation of  metal structures in Baltic states and Scandinavian region. Our production is equipped with modern equipment, which allows us to produce metal structures according to standard and exclusive projects with high quality and on time.

  We work with the first suppliers of metal, which allows us to reduce the cost of steel structures and shorten the lead time. We are confident in the quality of our products, so we give a guarantee on our products.

  To protect metal structures from the effects of various environmental hazards and to give the products an aesthetic appearance, our specialists will paint the metal structures with both polymer powder paints and various primers / enamels using our own professional equipment.

  ''DARRET HOUSE'' manufactures and installs metal structures by individual order. We always work with our partners in order to find the best possible solution. Our certified designers are always ready to prepare steel construction project (KM, KMD) for hangars or other objects using the newest technologies. We take care of the smallest details on each stage of cooperation and provide an effective and professional team which ensures performance and service at the highest level – delivering quality which lives up to your expectations.
We ensure deliveries to every corner of Europe in a timely manner.
   Quality control of the manufactured metal structures is carried out at all stages of production. All manufactured metalwork issued a quality certificate.We are proud that many customers turn to us with new projects and recommend us to their partners.The company is managed by experienced managers who own it.

DARRET HOUSE - Quality, Ability and Efficiency.